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Convert Rate Optimisation (aka CRO)

It is important that the website fulfills our main purpose, which is to capture as many MQLs as possible and convert them into customers.

The first step is to find the right tools that we will need in order to create the correct baseline for the current business.  Doing this, we’ll be able to locate the loopholes in every stage of the funnel and why we lose customers and/or traffic. 

After we understand how customers behave (and we’re not talking only about analytics here), we’ll start a list of experiments to fix every loophole individually and reduce any frictions that may occur on the funnel. This stage also includes the implementation of multiple hooks that will contribute to reaching our goal of customer acquisition va referrals. Furthermore, we will modify the way content is presented on each page, in a more understandable and easy to consume way.

CRO includes adding tools for A/B testing, experimentation, heatmaps, content analytics to see how engaged people are with our website, form tracking, landing page optimization, etc.

Some of the most common CRO problems we have encountered so far:

  • The site tries to approach different audiences at once: Individuals, professionals, enterprises, B2B and B2C
  • The site sets a context related set of options based on age. Something that it doesn’t make sense
  • The messages are not correct on-site and there are a lot of elements of on-site SEO that are missing making visitors not be connected with the brand. I.e favicon is missing, fonts are difficult to read etc.
  • Call-to-action is missing or misplaced
  • Sign-up processes are too complicated

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