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Growth Areas


Increase Customer Acquisition

Acquiring new customers means understanding what makes your customers tick. A successful company should have a continuous flow with prospects and be careful for not wasting money in the wrong channels


Optimize Customer Activation

Having traction and visitors is good. But, what you really want is to put a name, (or email address :-)) behind every click. Nurturing visitors is the only way forward. This is the first time that people experience your “Aha!” moment and they benefit from the value proposition that you promised them.


Improve Customer Retention

Acquisition and Activation mean nothing if people don’t stick to your product or service. This is one of the most vital factors if you want to achieve sustainable growth. Retention is the essence of growth hacking.


Generate More Revenue

People who pay for using your product or service are those that put the real fuel to your company. Increasing MRR and finding new revenue streams is part of the Growth Hacking Mindset you need to have.

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As an Agency we are proud to provide growth hacking marketing services to these clients

Our Ebooks

From our partner GrowthRocks and our preferred Referal Marketing Application.

Let the cash flow

A guide full of Growth Tactics for your eCommerce Store.


Brainstorming Meetings

The secrets to the most efficient brainstorming meetings.


From Visitor to Ambassador

 Learn all you need to know about the Art of Referral Marketing.


Blogging Guide

The ultimate guide to Guest Blogging. How to turn a blog into a tool


What People Say

With every move I make, I always want to contribute more and more towards the goal of equal treatment between males and females in our industry and in society as a whole. I’m very proud to be partners with GrowthGirls and take another step towards achieving that goal. We still have a long way to go, but just like this, every step counts.
John Smith
Growthgirls provides excellent advertising and design services. They are creative in expressing complex messages in a simple, attractive catchy ad. High ROI in using them.
Wanda Chow
Director at New Century Global Limited, Founder of DolphinC Technology
GrowthGirls has an amazing digital marketing team that is able to deliver real results in a number of different growth hacking initiatives. Their in-depth experience and work ethics make them an indisposable asset to our growth-driven marketing efforts.
Jane Bill
Founder & CEO