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Outreaching Strategy

Outreaching Strategy

By having an effective outreaching strategy, a company accomplishes the conversion of new customers and the increase of brand awareness. An outreaching strategy is more associated with outbound marketing rather than inbound, since you’re focusing on approaching leads and convincing them to perform an action, instead of attracting leads to you with an inbound marketing strategy.

Outreach also place the fundamentals for implementing retargeting for those landed on our properties.

Your main focus should be building relationships with leads. Each individual gives you only one chance for conversion, so you don’t want to miss it. Always be prepared and always do revisions on your previous actions to figure out the proper approach for an optimized conversion of each lead.

Concerning outreaching, a procedure has to be followed in order to email people. It can apply in many cases such as:

– Addressing outreached / unknown audience

– Re-engaging dormant customers

– Engaging ex. Customers (legacy clientele)

The idea of why you need to invest in that is very simple: You cannot know in which message the target customer will react upon.

The overall goal is to bring traffic and to create engagement by collecting email addresses that will be nurtured in a later phase (these are called MQLs or Marketing Qualified Lists)

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