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10 Female Accelerators in London

Looking for funds and a competitive advantage for your startup? Discover specialized female accelerators in the London area that offer partnerships, resources, and programs tailored to your startup. Take advantage of these opportunities to strengthen your position in the market and gain the resources you need to succeed. Check out our directory of female accelerators in London for an easier search.
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Female accelerators in London are transforming the business scene by creating an environment that is supportive and beneficial for women entrepreneurs. They provide access to funds, mentorship, networking opportunities, and a collaborative community of like-minded individuals. These accelerators bridge the gap between men and women by providing access to capital and investment networks, mentoring, and networking opportunities. They also foster a collaborative community of like-minded individuals to increase self-assurance, develop resiliency, and promote cooperation among female entrepreneurs.

Are you looking for funds as well as a competitive advantage for your startup?

Find specialized female accelerators in the London area that have partnerships and resources.  Check out our directory of female accelerators in London for an easier search. Learn about programs that are appropriate for your area, industry, and goals. Take advantage of opportunities to gain the resources you need and strengthen your position in the market.

Female Accelerators in London


Beyond HERizons |

Silicon Valley Comes to the UK (SVC2UK) was founded in 2006 by entrepreneurs Ellen Levy, Sherry Coutu CBE, and Reid Hoffman. Their common will energize the world’s tech entrepreneurship ecosystem served as their motivating factor.SVC2UK, which is now managed by London & Partners, is committed to supporting scale-ups in the UK, especially in London. It aims to encourage the next generation of innovators while fostering an inclusive and varied ecosystem.

BEYOND HERIZONS: Empowering Female Founders

In 2021–2022, the organization launched Beyond HERizons, a game-changing program created to provide a group of outstanding female founders with a full range of networking, education, and support options.

Beyond HERizons’ main objective is to close the financial gap that exists and to provide female entrepreneurs with the tools they need to grow their companies.

SVC2UK began this program because there is a sizable gap between male and female founders in the funding environment. They understood the pressing need to provide female entrepreneurs with the know-how, networks, and self-assurance needed to manage their scaling journey and acquire crucial investments. Their program’s foundation is the conviction that a broad and inclusive network is necessary to counteract gender disparities in the investing ecosystem.

Beyond HERizons has been carefully chosen to offer help that is both practical and significant. It provides a good mix of information, helpful advice, and networking opportunities for investors, ensuring that their cohort members receive insightful advice from professionals, partners, and peers. There are five main content streams in the program:

  • Core Modules: In-depth instructional modules that cover crucial subjects for growing businesses.
  • Investor Connect Possibilities for face-to-face interaction with investors, developing deep relationships, and prospective investment prospects.
  • Access to a network of industry professionals and activists who offer specialized help and direction
  • Participating in an international trade trip can broaden horizons and open doors to international business prospects.
  • Peer and Ecosystem Networking: Connecting with others who share your interests and gaining access to a community that is dedicated to fostering change.

Beyond HERizons assists female-led businesses that are actively looking for their next round of funding to support their development path. While the program is closed applications for the current program intake.

Participation requirements:

  • Previous investment secured
  • 5-100 employees
  • Turnover of less than £40m
  • UK-registered company
  • Minimum viable product
  • Actively seeking investment within the next 12-18 months

Enterprise Enfield

Female Founders Accelerator Program |

Enterprise Enfield is committed to promoting entrepreneurship success by providing an extensive range of facilities and business support services. Whether you’re a startup or an established business owner, their professional advice and guidance will be tailored to your particular requirements.

They provide a wide range of services as a North London Business Hub to support businesses on their path to success.

Here’s what to expect:

  • Monthly expert advice and mentoring: Through their frequent advising meetings, get insightful advice from professionals in the field. They are experienced professionals who can provide you with the guidance and assistance you need to overcome obstacles and realize your career objectives.
  • Professional Mailing Address and Mailbox: A distinguished mailing address and mailbox service will improve the perception of your company. With the aid of this facility, you may offer a credible and professional image to clients and business partners.
  • Access to Webinars and Events: Through their webinars and events, stay current on the newest trends and advancements in the business world. You will get access to a variety of educational courses created to improve your knowledge and broaden your network as a member of the North London Chamber of Commerce and Enterprise (NLCCE). The “Proud to be a Member” NLCCE logo may also be proudly displayed on your website and other marketing materials to demonstrate your membership in a reputable company association.
  • Free Online Directory Listing: By adding your company to their free online directory, you may expand your internet presence and audience. This platform is a helpful resource for potential clients and business partners looking for your goods or services.
  • Hot-Desking and Co-Working Space: Take advantage of the adaptability of working in a social and dynamic setting. Their coworking and hot-desking areas offer a productive setting where you can meet with other like-minded professionals, share ideas, and create important connections.
  • Low-Cost Units and Office Premises: For companies in need of specific physical space, they provide Ponders End, Enfield, inexpensive flats, and office space. These areas are created to meet your individual needs and offer a conducive setting for conducting business.

Female Founders Accelerator Programme

A dynamic and free business assistance program created particularly for female entrepreneurs called the Female Founders Accelerator Programme. It provides a variety of advantages, such as webinars, one-on-one assistance, networking opportunities among peers, and mentorship, all geared toward assisting female founders in maintaining and expanding their firms. The curriculum includes important subjects including financial management, digital marketing, company resiliency, and HR fundamentals. Applicants who meet the eligibility requirements must either own a company in Enfield, Waltham Forest, or Redbridge or have successfully completed the Inspiring Women Business Growth Programme.

The Programme consists of dedicated support offered over a 12-month period.  The first 6 months include a series of webinars covering a wide range of business skills and personal development topics and one-to-one support with Business Experts. Additional online support will be available in the following 6 months.

  • Peer group support with like-minded women
  • Review and update your business model and resilience/recovery strategy
  • Build confidence
  • Benefit from mentoring throughout the program
  • Enhance presentation and public speaking skills
  • Maximize digital marketing – including how to create your own videos
  • Understand Financial management/pricing and negotiation
  • Understand HR essentials
  • Boost your social media
  • Identify and tackle challenges
  • Explore investment opportunities
  • Access a dedicated online resource center
  • Apply to become a Female Founders Ambassador

Participation requirements:

You must:

  • Be running a business in one of the following boroughs: Enfield, Waltham Forest, or Redbridge or you should have completed an Inspiring Women Business Growth Programme at Enterprise Enfield (if you have completed this Programme, you can be located in any London borough).
  • Be aged between 25 and 65 years old
  • Be running a business that has been trading for a minimum of 1 year
  • Be registered as a Limited Company or looking to register as Limited in the next 6 months
  • Have a minimum of 1 employee and a maximum of 5 (including yourself)
  • Have a minimum turnover of £10,000 and a maximum of £300,000 per annum
  • Be a first-time founder (not run previous businesses)
  • Have a vision to grow your business, increase turnover, win new contracts, and be willing to explore new investment opportunities.

In total, for this Programme, you will be expected to be working on developing your business for an average of 15 hours a month.

Barclays Eagle Labs

AccelerateHER |

Barclays Eagle Labs and AccelerateHER are committed to bringing more women into entrepreneurship and leveling the playing field. They support 40 innovative female-led technology businesses during the year.

AccelerateHER is a thriving network of female founders and partners that are passionate about promoting, supporting, and advancing the careers of exceptional female company owners and executives. The network of extraordinary women has grown to 5,300 members, and the encouraging environment helps women grow their businesses and attract investors.

AccelerateHER intends to significantly increase female angel investment activity in female-led businesses around the UK by hosting learning and networking events, business boot camps, accelerators, online education tools, and pitching events. Additionally, it supports sister organization Investing Women Angels’ invaluable mentorship program for female creators.

The program includes:

  • A series of 8 sessions delivered digitally over 8 weeks – an opening getting started session, 6 expert-led masterclasses, and a closing showcase where founders will present their proposition to a wide audience; *potentially in person regionally with digital access by a wider audience.
  • All participants will have access to an allocated mentor on request throughout the program.
  • Early-stage tech founders will access an additional tech build clinic led by an experienced tech founder or specialist; offering low code/no-code tech build solutions for founders to build their MVP and test/validate their market.
  • All founders will access online learning on understanding their accounts & raising equity prior to deeper discussion on the Masterclasses.
  • Access to the Barclays Eagle Labs and AccelerateHer Ecosystem.
  • Access to business and networking events.
  • The opportunity to showcase your business to potential clients and investors at a showcase at the end of the program.

Participation requirements:

Your Business:

  • A UK-registered business
  • Uses digital technology to operate or deliver their value proposition.
  • Either seed stage or beyond
  • Received investment
  • Launching your MVP

You/Your Team:

  • At least 1 founder (or C-suite) who is a female founder
  • You have proven expertise in your industry
  • You are available to attend all the masterclasses over the 8-week period

 Hatch Enterprise

Southwark Pioneers Fund Accelerator |

A program called the Southwark Pioneers Fund Accelerator is intended to help Southwark-based companies. Participants get the chance to expand their networks over the course of six months, have access to mentorship, and take part in seminars offered by industry experts on marketing, sales, turnover, and investment. Attending the program, which generally costs more than £5,000, is free. Program alums are eligible to apply for financing grants of up to £10,000. To apply click here.

The program includes:

  • Expert-led workshops for each cohort along with 24 hours of masterclasses on a variety of subjects, including strategy, finance, leadership, marketing, HR, operations, sales, and pitching.
  • 24 hours of peer coaching, accountability groups, and peer learning are also beneficial to participants.
  • Students have access to individualized assistance through tailored coaching, counseling, and mentorship from subject- and field-specific authorities.
  • The program is completed with a Demo Day where participants present their companies and get useful criticism.

Applicants must be the founders or directors of companies with at least a £30,000 annual revenue and be headquartered in Southwark to be considered for the accelerator program. They should be dedicated to attending the courses and Demo Day and have the willingness to advance their business knowledge, abilities, and confidence.

Applications from women and other underrepresented genders, those from backgrounds associated with racial and ethnic minorities, and those who are disabled are given priority by the program.

From September 6th, 2023, through February 21st, 2024, will be the time frame for the next cohort.  The possibility to apply for awards worth up to £10,000 will be available to program graduates. Through the given URL, interested parties can submit an application.

The Southwark Pioneers Fund Accelerator has a successful track record and has had a big influence on the firms it has helped.

Here are some key statistics:

  • 143 digital health firms have received funding from the initiative.
  • Through the Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs), £12.7 is saved for the National Health Service (NHS) for every £1 invested in the Accelerator.
  • One of the top 8 accelerators in Europe for female founders, according to recognition, is this one.
  • While taking part in the program, 87% of small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) showed signs of growth.
  • 411 new contracts have been obtained with the help of the Accelerator.
  • During the Accelerator support, 3,668 additional NHS pilots were acquired.
  • The program’s fifth cohort attained a Net Promoter Score of 79 after a year, which indicates a high degree of satisfaction and recommendation.
  • Investments totaling £118,001,546 have been raised for the firms the Accelerator has supported.

 Digital Health London

Accelerator, Digital Pioneer Fellowship, Generator, Launchpad, Femtech|

DigitalHealth.London is an organization that aims to accelerate the adoption and spread of digital health solutions in the National Health Service (NHS) and social care in London. The NHS, university health science centers in London, and business partners are working together on it. The group’s goals include fostering innovation, enhancing patient care, and bridging the gap between the healthcare system and the digital health industry.

A variety of activities and programs are provided by DigitalHealth.London to assist digital health businesses, medical professionals, and NHS organizations. These programs are:


The Accelerator is a 12-month, highly competitive program created to help digital health businesses with ground-breaking goods or services that have the potential to solve the problems now plaguing the NHS and social care. For businesses who have tested their solutions in the NHS and are now prepared to grow, this program is excellent. Participants in the Accelerator get specialized assistance, including access to NHS Navigators who offer clinical and service management knowledge, seminars given by subject matter experts, and one-on-one consultations with NHS and digital health consultants. The initiative also fosters relationships between innovators and NHS institutions in order to hasten the implementation and dissemination of digital health solutions.

Digital Pioneer Fellowship

The 12-month program known as the “Digital Pioneer Fellowship” is designed to assist NHS employees in London and the South East in advancing digital transformation inside their businesses. Participants in this program will have the chance to plan, organize, and execute digital initiatives that will improve patient care and operational effectiveness. Fellows join a network of like-minded NHS pioneers, allowing them to work together and overcome shared problems. The fellowship comprises educational modules and seminars delivered by top industry professionals, equipping participants with the know-how and abilities necessary to promote digital innovation in the healthcare industry.


Generator is a program that emphasizes the development of evidence as a crucial component of the digital revolution of healthcare. To promote collaboration and knowledge sharing, it links digital health businesses with academic institutions and research groups. For digital health businesses looking for access to specialists and research institutions in London, this program is advantageous. Researchers interested in investigating cutting-edge digital health services and products made available to the NHS and social care can also gain from this initiative. Generator aspires to expand the body of research on digital health solutions and promote their efficient use in healthcare settings by developing relationships between academics and industry.


Launchpad is a three-month program created expressly to aid early-stage digital health businesses in developing and introducing their cutting-edge goods and services to the health and social care sector. Companies who have created a product or service that can address issues in London’s health and social care sector are candidates for this program. Participants in Launchpad receive personalized coaching and one-on-one guidance from NHS professionals and industry leaders in the field of digital health. Companies may effectively negotiate the complexity of the healthcare sector and position their products for a successful launch and adoption by utilizing the knowledge and advice offered.


Leading international FemTech accelerator FemTech Lab supports and empowers entrepreneurs in the field of women’s health and wellbeing. The accelerator gives its participants access to angel investors and venture capital companies, mentorship hours, a dedicated team of advisers, and a growing network of alumni, advisors, and partners, among other advantages. The initiative also gives participants the chance to compete for grants that are equity-free.

The testimonies of former participants show the rewarding interactions and results they have had with the FemTech Lab accelerator. The program has received positive feedback from the founders and CEOs of a number of FemTech businesses, who highlighted the insightful knowledge, assistance, and connections they were able to make as a result. As a consequence of their engagement in the accelerator, several participants have reported considerable development in their firms and boosted confidence.

By encouraging and enabling FemTech entrepreneurs, FemTech Lab seeks to enhance the lives of women everywhere. By utilizing women’s power and meeting their specific health and wellness needs, the initiative seeks to build a world that is equitable.

Startups may join a movement that seeks to improve the lives of 1 billion women globally by joining FemTech Lab.

With a total of 39 businesses, over $10 million in funding raised, a valuation of over $90 million, and a user base of over 2 million, FemTech Lab has outstanding numbers to its name. Additionally, the organization has facilitated over 1,200 hours of mentorship, giving companies important direction and assistance.

The program includes:

  • FemTech Lab offers a 12-week program for startups in the women’s health technology industry.
  • The program combines online and in-person components in a hybrid framework.
  • The goal of the program is to support startups using technology to create innovative treatments for female wellness and health.
  • Startups benefit from a curriculum tailored to the specific demands of the FemTech industry.
  • Mentorship sessions and a variety of courses are available throughout the program.
  • Most sessions are delivered online, allowing for global participation and flexibility.
  • Two intensive in-person boot camps provide opportunities for networking, collaboration, and in-depth learning.
  • Startups have access to a range of courses and mentorship sessions.
  • The program helps startups that are just starting out in the FemTech field.

Participation requirements:

Startups must have at least a prototype or minimum viable product (MVP) that has been tried out and tested with real users before they can apply for the program. This shows that you are actively developing your product and marketing plan.

You can submit an application to FemTech Lab to be considered for the chance to take advantage of their extensive 12-week curriculum if you satisfy the requirements and are interested in participating in the program.

For those companies accepted into the program, FemTech Lab takes 5% equity.

 We in Social Tech

We in Social Tech Growth Accelerator |

Over a two-year period, the We in Social Tech initiative intends to promote 60 ambitious women-owned social tech enterprises. As long as they have a strong enthusiasm for using their business to make a beneficial impact, it is available to both early-stage startups and established companies.

The program is run by Nwes, the biggest private nonprofit organization in the UK. Through its Made for Good social entrepreneurship program, Deutsche Bank sponsors it. Selected participants are given support, resources, and direction by the accelerator to help them expand and scale their social tech firms.

Applying to the We in Social Tech growth accelerator program will allow you to take advantage of the chances and assistance it offers if you are a female founder of a social tech company and are driven to make a good difference.

The six-month-long We in Social Tech growth accelerator program provides complete support to three cohorts of 20 women-led enterprises. To assist these enterprises in expanding and succeeding, the program offers a variety of advantages and tools.

The program’s salient characteristics are as follows:

  • Program Customized: The program is aware that every firm faces different difficulties. They pay attention to the participants and then tailor the business consulting and professional assistance to meet the unique requirements of each firm.
  • Mentoring for Business Consultancy and Growth: Participants receive advice and mentorship from seasoned experts to help the expansion of their businesses. Access to subject matter experts who can offer insightful commentary and guidance is a part of this.
  • Free Co-Working Space: The program offers participants access to a collaborative workplace that enables them to work in a friendly setting with other entrepreneurs who share their entrepreneurial goals.
  • Investment and Finance Readiness: The program’s objective is to prepare participants for the world of investments and finance. To assist firms in getting ready for future investment possibilities, they offer assistance and tools.
  • Peer Learning Groups: Participants have the option to join peer learning groups where they may exchange experiences, gain from one another’s knowledge, and create a positive community.
  • It’s important to note that the program is free to join and that, in contrast to many other accelerators, no equity is required in exchange for the assistance given.

 Enter The Arena

Enter The Arena Program |

Working with Enter the Arena means receiving direct and honest feedback. They provide a disciplined methodology that regularly produces results and specializes in obtaining equity financing and business expansion. With regard to supporting and scaling up enterprises, Enter the Arena is committed to empowering women and combating gender inequality. In order to assist female founders in navigating the difficulties of fundraising while operating a business, they provide adaptable coaching packages that fit into hectic schedules. Clients of Enter the Arena are pushed beyond their comfort zones while receiving tools, counseling, and networks to aid in their development. With Enter the Arena’s help, clients may discover their inner strength and accomplish incredible feats, finally securing a place at the table of success beyond their wildest expectations.

With a proven track record of assisting more than 1,500 female entrepreneurs, Enter The Arena boasts a phenomenal 72% client success rate for funding and a 96% founder endorsement rate. Through their combined efforts, Enter The Arena has assisted female founders in raising more than £20 million, giving their companies a tremendous lift and propelling them to new heights of success.

Coaching for female founders in fundraising

Everything you need to properly manage your fundraising is provided by this program.

The program includes:

  • 20 hours of personalized fundraising instruction
  • monthly coaching sessions with the course director for groups Julia
  • membership in our network of female founders
  • On-demand Q&A on any issues you encounter
  • use of our personal investor database
  • regular calls for accountability
  • 12 months of assistance
  • From £290 plus VAT every month, sign up

Participation requirements:

  • Running a high-growth potential business
  • Looking to raise investment in the next 12 months
  • Raising more than £150k
  • Undertaking a professional investment round at the pre-seed or seed stage

The Fundraising Academy will benefit you best if you’re:

  • A self-starter who is at ease with self-paced education
  • Ready to request assistance when necessary
  • Receptive to inspiration and challenge
  • Open to stepping outside of your comfort zone
  • A resourceful, coachable, and open to radical change
  • Determined and fervent
  • Performing with utmost honesty

 Allia Future Business Center

DIF Accelerator, The Cambridge Grow Your Business, Start Your Business |

A leading nonprofit organization since 1999, Allia has a long history of impact innovation. To bring about constructive change and address global concerns, they help businesses, nonprofits, and social entrepreneurs. They provide small enterprises with adaptable workplaces and thriving communities through their Allia Future Business Centers. Allia Effect manages financed initiatives and free assistance programs to assist businesses in thriving, expanding, and having a good effect. They have locations in Cambridge and Peterborough and offer workspace, networking opportunities, and knowledgeable company consultants to promote development, investor connections, and resilience. Allia is strongly committed to making an ethical effect and is committed to promoting social and economic prosperity in communities.

The Allia Impact Accelerator is a program for late pre-seed or seed impact startups. It aims to address pressing local and global challenges and supports founders in developing and scaling their businesses.

  • Participants need to stay or do business in London, Cambridge, or Peterborough.
  • Six months of intense courses and assistance are provided by the program.
  • The Allia Impact Fund may make an investment or introduce you to investors. Other advantages include working with a group of impact entrepreneurs and receiving special alumni privileges. Workshops are delivered by experts.
  • A pitch day for impact-driven startups and funding marks the program’s conclusion.
  • There are no fees or charges associated with the program at all.

DIF Accelerator Challenge

The Allia Future Business Centre in Cambridge is hosting the DIF Accelerator Challenge to help ambitious start-ups in the UK expand faster and address sustainability issues.

  • The program provides customized sessions led by the DIF Capital Partners team, which give helpful direction and assistance.
  • Three start-ups that are driven to develop ground-breaking, significant solutions to urgent sustainability concerns on a local or global scale are eligible.
  • The projects Paige, Lylo, and InCommon Foundation are participating in the ongoing Accelerator Challenge.

The Cambridge Grow Your Business at Allia Business Centre

The Cambridge Grow Your Business Programme at Allia Future Business Centre offers three months of specialist support to help local businesses thrive and grow in the Cambridgeshire area.

The program includes:

  • Dedicated support from our team of business advisors and mentors
  • Expert-led workshops from marketing & HR to sales & financing
  • 1-1 tailored support from our team and mentors
  • Peer-to-peer support
  • Join a community of like-minded entrepreneurs
  • Alumni benefits include exclusive discounts & free co-working days
  • Completely free program – no equity fees or charges

This program is fully or partially funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

Start Your Business

The Cambridge Start Your Business program at Allia Future Business Centre is designed for aspiring entrepreneurs who have a business idea or a desire to create an exciting venture. The program is available to people at various stages, whether they are interested in establishing a business but haven’t chosen a concept yet or have several ideas and need help whittling them down.

The initiative especially targets those who reside in, work in or are otherwise benefited by the Cambridge or Greater Cambridgeshire region. Interested parties can register their interest to get news about future program schedules even if the application for the program is currently closed.

  • The Start Your Business program offers participants advice and support from the Allia team to get their business ventures off the ground.
  • The program helps participants polish their concepts, create business strategies, and carry out the essential preparations for launching their companies.
  • It provides beneficial tools, mentoring, and training designed with aspiring entrepreneurs in mind.


Hotbed Saas |

The goal of Hotbed is to level the playing field for entrepreneurs everywhere. They provide a variety of programs geared at empowering business owners, establishing connections between them and investors and peers, and monitoring their development.

What Hotbed offers:

  • Join live programming: Hotbed offers quarterly programs that give founders useful contacts and skills. Hundreds of founders from diverse sectors and company types are brought together by these programs, which are accessible to entrepreneurs worldwide. Each program has 2-4 hours of weekly programming and runs for 4–8 weeks. The virtual sprints’ low-commitment/high-reward model assists founders in becoming investment-ready. Demo Days and Speed Dating events, which serve as the programs’ climax and allow entrepreneurs to present their companies to potential investors, are held.
  • Join a global ecosystem: Hotbed offers forums and message boards where founders may interact with a variety of peers, investors, partners, and ecosystem specialists. Using this platform, entrepreneurs may submit questions and issues and get insightful answers from other entrepreneurs and subject-matter experts.
  • Track your progress: Hotbed advises entrepreneurs to update their growth statistics once each week. They can compare their development to that of their classmates and maintain their concentration. By monitoring their development, entrepreneurs can spot areas where they need to get more expertise and open doors for investor introductions.

Over 2,000 pre-seed and seed-stage founders make up the Hotbed community, which places a strong emphasis on assisting the over 75% of minority entrepreneurs in the community. Hotbed also has established connections with 100+ investors.

Hotbed Saas

Hotbed SaaS is a free 6-week curriculum made especially for SaaS firms who are raising seed or pre-seed capital. The program’s goal is to assist companies in developing their beta or Minimum Viable Product (MVP), attracting customers, and increasing their monthly recurring revenue (MRR) while minimizing customer acquisition costs (CAC) and optimizing customer lifetime value (LTV).

Throughout the program, founders will take part in online classes, interact with subject matter experts, and network with investors to receive insightful knowledge and direction. The course material includes important subjects including pricing strategies, go-to-market tactics, business strategy, client interaction, expansion plans, and capital raising.

Along with access to an in-person meetup and a Demo, Hotbed SaaS also offers founders in the cohort options for networking and cooperation.

While the program is free and does not need any stock, Hotbed is dedicated to financially helping entrepreneurs. A warrant for stock must be provided by the founders, giving Hotbed the opportunity to participate in their company during subsequent investment rounds. Before the program begins, the founders are given the terms of the equity warrant.

Women Of Wearables

WoW |

WoW (Women of Wearables) began as a small meeting organization in 2016 with the goal of bringing together women working in the wearable technology sector. WoW has developed into a well-known international organization and ecosystem that unites women and allies in the fields of health tech, digital health, and women’s health from more than 50 nations across the world.

Professionals from a variety of fields, including startup founders, designers, developers, sector experts, academics, bloggers, journalists, and financiers, among others, make up the WoW community. WoW offers a welcoming environment to assist your goals, whether you’re trying to study, network, or look for employment chances in the tech sector.

The organization’s main goals include the following:

  • Education: WoW wants to keep its community up to date on the newest technological advancements by giving them access to knowledge and information that will empower its users.
  • Jobs: WoW is dedicated to expanding the employment options for women in STEM disciplines and advancing diversity and inclusion in the IT sector.
  • Support for Female Founders: WoW actively assists female founders and company owners in establishing and growing their enterprises. To educate and inspire others, it also recognizes female role models in the IT sector.
  • Access to finance: By providing mentorship, connecting its members with investors, and fostering networking opportunities at its events, WoW aims to make it simpler for its members to get finance.

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