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Membership Tiers: A Guide to Effective and Creative Naming

Why are membership tiers so important? How can you craft them so that they captivate your target audience?
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Are you looking for guidance on how to effectively name your membership tiers and level names? Do you always name items in the traditional order of Bronze, Silver, and Gold or do you enjoy getting a little creative? The names you give your membership levels are crucial. One of the most important elements in creating a successful membership strategy is membership tiers, which are frequently disregarded in discussions of how to increase membership.

How Many Different Membership Tiers Should you Provide?

The general rule is to limit membership tiers to no more than 4, and ideally just 3. Why does having fewer membership levels available make sense? Since there shouldn’t be too many membership tiers, users are less likely to make a decision and instead exit the page entirely. 

When establishing and creating your membership levels, you should start by considering the specifics of your membership business. Do you offer online education? Materials and resources? Box memberships? Your membership levels should be influenced by the services you provide in your membership business. For instance, you might use labels like “Bronze,” “Silver,” etc. if you sell monthly box subscriptions. In this article, we’ll provide you with a few pointers for crafting membership-level titles that will convince your audience to sign up for your membership program.

What to Consider Before Making a Choice

Simple is Always Better

Don’t use big, long, or confusing words in your membership titles because the last thing you want to do is perplex your customers. Other membership sites keep things brief and uncomplicated if you pay attention to them. The titles often consist of one or two words and don’t use long or difficult words. When it comes to giving your membership tiers titles, conciseness is key.

Be Specific

Make sure your potential customer is aware of what they are getting at each membership level. Don’t merely use “Level 1, Level 2,” etc. when titling membership levels. Explain what each level delivers and how it varies from the others using your titles. 

Motivate the Potential Members

Inspire both enthusiasm and apprehension in prospective members with your membership tiers. Using terms like Intermediate, Advanced, and so on gives the impression that clients gain seniority as they upgrade their membership or climb the levels. By using well-written labels, even your current customers might be persuaded to increase their memberships.

How do you therefore come up with imaginative and impactful names for your membership levels? — Here are some pointers:

  • Have a brainstorming session to come up with a list of terms that best describe the various membership levels. Think about the attributes, advantages, and advancements that each level provides.
  • Choose verbs that encourage activity and emphasize the benefits of leveling up. To convey a sense of development and value, substitute phrases like “unlock,” “gain,” or “elevate” with general terms like “level.”
  • To make your membership tiers more enticing and memorable, experiment with different spellings or inventive wordplay. To add a special touch, you may, for example, swap out “elite” for “Eleet” or “prestige” for “Prestige”.
  • Put some fun or playfulness into the names of your membership levels by using puns or other smart wordplay. You may, for instance, use “Fresh Start” for a novice level or “Mastermind” for an advanced level.
  • Include descriptive nouns that highlight the unique advantages or exclusivity of each membership level. As an illustration, you could use the terms “VIP,” “Premium,” or “Elite” to indicate higher tier levels with improved advantages and privileges.

When choosing names for your membership program, keep in mind to match them with your brand identity, target market, and overarching theme or concept. The objective is to come up with titles that enthrall and appeal to your audience, while clearly communicating the benefits of each membership level to them.

Inspiring Real Brand Membership Tiers to Spark Your Creativity

Price-Based Membership Tiers

Netflix is a real-world example of a brand that employs membership-level names dependent on pricing. There are various Netflix subscription tiers with various costs and features:

Basic: Netflix’s Basic membership level is the most reasonably priced one. Users can watch on one device at a time and have access to the platform’s content catalog.

Standard: Netflix’s Standard subscription level is slightly more expensive than its Basic plan. In comparison to the Basic plan, it comes with more capabilities, such as the capacity to watch on two devices at once and access to HD video quality. 

Premium: The most expensive subscription level on Netflix is called Premium. It provides the most extensive features and advantages. Users of the Premium plan can stream content on up to four devices at once and, when available, take advantage of ultra-high-definition (UHD) video quality.

Netflix's membership tiers levels

Your membership levels’ associated value propositions are easily communicated when they are named according to cost and billing frequency. This strategy aids potential members in comprehending their alternatives and selecting the level that fits their spending limit and level of commitment. Although price-based names might not be the most original or imaginative, they are successful at helping customers make decisions more quickly. Members may easily understand and choose the membership level that best meets their needs and preferences because the names explicitly reflect the price and frequency of billing.

Membership Level Names Based On Content Access

One of the most popular ways to name your membership levels, especially in the field of online membership and subscription services, is to base them on the type of access they grant your users. The New York Times uses content-based membership-level names as follows:

New York Times All Access: Access to all digital content on The New York Times website, including articles, videos, podcasts, and interactive features, is limitless for users of the All Access membership tier. A number of areas offer subscribers access to breaking news, in-depth reporting, and opinion articles.

New York Times News: The News membership tier gives access to The New York Times’ breaking news stories and news articles. Current affairs, politics, foreign news, business, and more are all available to subscribers.

New York Times Cooking: The New York Times Cooking website’s enormous recipe database and cooking-related articles are accessible to members of the Cooking membership tier, according to the publication. 

New York Times Games: The New York Times Games website’s membership level, The Games, grants access to a selection of interactive games and puzzles. For enjoyment and mental stimulation, subscribers can enjoy crosswords, sudoku, word games, and other interesting puzzles.

Naming Your Membership Levels Based On User Access

On Spotify, you can find millions of songs, podcasts, or episodes. Along with 172 million paying subscribers, it has over 381 million monthly active users. They offer the Individual, Duo, Family, and Student subscription tiers. Each strategy was set up to target a certain user or user group. This kind of name system is common on subscription sites for music and movies. If you sell both individual and group membership plans, you can still use this concept. People can choose the ideal option for them with ease. Your ideas might be titled Personal, Team, or Business if they are intended for both individuals and businesses.

Spotify membership tiers levels

Time-Based Membership Tiers

A well-known language-learning program called Babbel provides different membership rates based on how many months of access you get. For subscribers, the term of their membership is made clear by this time-based naming system.

Daily: Babbel offers a daily membership option for people who desire instant access to their language lessons

Annually: Users who are dedicated to long-term language learning should choose the annual membership option. Babbel’s comprehensive language courses are available to members for an entire year when they purchase an annual subscription.

Weekly: Subscribers to Babbel’s weekly membership have access to their language-learning resources for a whole week. This level is appropriate for people who have specific language learning objectives or who require a quick fix for their language learning needs.

Monthly: Babbel’s language courses are accessible to members of the monthly membership tier on a month-to-month basis. Users have the freedom to choose whether to keep their subscription or cancel it with this option, which enables them to learn at their own pace.

Quarterly: Babbel’s quarterly membership is perfect for those who want to commit to language learning for a medium amount of time. Members can learn more about their chosen language and advance steadily with a three-month subscription.

Lifetime: Babbel’s language courses are accessible without restriction to lifetime members who choose the outstanding lifetime membership tier.

Babel membership tiers levels

Choose Wisely when it Comes to Membership Tiers

Your membership tier names matter if you want your membership site to be successful. Your choice of names for your membership tiers will be heavily influenced by how you’ve organized your community and plans. So, remember that you should keep things simple and only use term-based membership names, if you provide a single feature set with various billing terms. However, if you offer tiered memberships, you may liven things up with imaginative membership-level titles that will help you connect with your target market. Remember to fit the names to your target audience and brand identity and consider using words, phrases, or concepts that are commonplace in the industry or area you are in. Make sure the names are short, easy to remember, and understandable. 

Although the names of your membership tiers may not seem important, they can have a MASSIVE impact on your membership business. You should now be equipped with the knowledge necessary to choose the ideal names for your website after reading the examples and advice in this article.

Do you still have any inquiries about naming membership tiers or building a membership website? Just take a look at our SaaS Services or book a call with Growthgirls founder, Effie Bersoux.

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