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The 20 Best Startup Accelerators In Amsterdam

Startup accelerators in Amsterdam provide excellent prospects for your business growth. Get critical materials and accelerate your progress with specialized programs.
best startup accelerators in Amsterdam

The city of Amsterdam, which is famous for its beautiful canals and extensive cultural history, is also a booming center for innovation and business. In this post, we’ll explore Amsterdam’s vibrant startup ecosystem and focus on the top players – the best startup accelerators in Amsterdam – fueling innovation and success for aspiring entrepreneurs.

In this post we will dig into the bustling world of Amsterdam’s startup accelerators, each of which contributes considerably to the development and acceleration of aspiring company owners’ success. These accelerators give a multitude of useful resources to enterprises, such as access to funding, co-working spaces, and expert coaching, which promotes the growth of entrepreneurs.

Amsterdam’s accelerators have changed the startup scene by establishing a community of like-minded people striving for excellence and global impact. They are driven by a common enthusiasm for invention and cooperation.

Amsterdam’s startup accelerators are prepared to support your journey, whether you are a visionary business owner searching for advice or an investor hoping to be a part of the next great success story.


Rockstart is a known early-stage investor and startup accelerator that focuses on empowering creators with a purpose in three important sectors: new technology, agriculture, and energy. In the startup environment, Rockstart, which was founded in Amsterdam in 2011, has grown into a global presence. 

Rockstart chooses and supports entrepreneurs with game-changing concepts and solutions as part of its commitment to using innovation to address global concerns. The accelerator’s interest in agriculture is centered on changing the agri-food business, while its concentration on the energy sector strives to foster greener and more effective energy solutions. 

Rockstart also welcomes cutting-edge businesses in robots, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and other new technologies.Rockstart, a complete accelerator program that provides funding, mentoring, and networking opportunities, is essential in assisting entrepreneurs and the sectors they serve in creating a sustainable and positive future.

Started: 2011

Founders: Bjorn Brekel, Don Ritzen, James Digby, Koen Wagemakers, Oscar Kneppers, Rune Theill, Susana Arévalo

Industries: AgriFood, Energy, Emerging Tech

Number of investments: 310

Number of exits: 9

Duration (in weeks): 24

Startupbootcamp Commerce Amsterdam

In order to assist early-stage digital founders in quickly expanding their businesses, Startupbootcamp is a well-known family of industry-focused programs. Their goal is to give clients direct access to a worldwide network of knowledgeable mentors, partners, and investors in the founders’ respective fields. 

With a solid European basis, Startupbootcamp has expanded its influence across continents, providing sector-specific accelerator programs in significant startup hotspots globally. Aspiring entrepreneurs continue to be empowered by Startupbootcamp, which continues to influence the development of prospective firms throughout the world through practical mentoring, access to important industry contacts, and a dedication to openness.

Started: 2010

Founders: Marc Wesselink, Patrick Zeeuw, Ruud Hendriks

Industries: AI, Blockchain, Technology, Impact Technology, Sustainability, Climate Tech, Ocean Tech, IoT, Biotech, Cleantech

Number of investments: 35

Number of exits: 3

Startupbootcamp Smart City & IoT Amsterdam

Startupbootcamp As the leading startup accelerator, Smart City & IoT is driving innovation and disruption in the field of smart cities and internet of things. The accelerator was established in 2015 by visionaries Marc Wesselink, Patrick Zeeuw, and Ruud Hendriks. Since then, it has been well-known for its outstanding support of businesses in a variety of sectors, including agriculture, energy, water, healthcare, beauty, and education.

Started: 2015

Founders: Marc Wesselink, Patrick Zeeuw, Ruud Hendriks

Industries: Agriculture, Energy, Water, Healthcare, Beauty, Education

Number of investments: 34

Number of exits: 2


Leading European healthtech venture builder NLC is committed to transforming healthcare and ensuring that it is available to everyone. NLC is relentlessly committed to transforming the healthcare industry and places special emphasis on developing and supporting cutting-edge healthtech businesses that address pressing issues and enhance patient outcomes.

NLC finds innovative concepts, brings together extraordinary people, and offers the resources and know-how to transform them into practical solutions through a distinctive venture building strategy. NLC aims to increase healthcare’s effectiveness, accessibility, and equity for all people through fostering innovation and cooperation.

Started: 2014

Founders: Bert-Arjan Millenaar

Industries: Life Science, Medical Technology, Ehealth, Healthcare, Medical Devices, HealthTech

Number of investments: 33

ACE Incubator

The dynamic institution known as ACE (Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship) is essential in enabling students, scholars, and researchers to develop their tech- or science-based ideas into high-impact businesses of the future. As a catalyst for entrepreneurship and innovation, ACE offers a welcoming environment where prospective business owners may develop their ideas and see them through to completion.

ACE creates an atmosphere where ground-breaking ideas may bloom and develop into prosperous enterprises with the potential to significantly alter the course of human history by providing a variety of resources, mentorship, and industry contacts. ACE is at the vanguard of developing the following generation of significant tech and science-based companies with an emphasis on entrepreneurship-driven positive change.

Started: 2013

Founders: Erik Boer, Peter Krijnsen

Industries: Science, Technology

Number of investments: 29

Number of exits: 1

Duration (in weeks): 12

Fashion For Good

An innovative group called Fashion for Good helps startups who are working to transform the fashion industry through a special program. Their program gives fashion entrepreneurs the tools they need to have a real effect and change the industry for the better, with a strong emphasis on sustainability, circularity, and transparency. 

Fashion for Good helps these businesses create solutions that support a more sustainable and ethical fashion environment by encouraging innovation and offering necessary resources. The group is essential in accelerating a shift to a more accountable and environmentally conscientious fashion industry because of their dedication to make all clothes “good.”

Started: 2016

Industries: Fashion

Number of investments: 18

Number of exits: 1

Accelerator Duration (in weeks): 12

ABN AMRO & Techstars Future of Finance Accelerator

The ABN AMRO & Techstars Future of Finance Accelerator is for the best entrepreneurs in all areas of Fintech, with a focus on digital assets and sustainability.

Started: 2021

Industries: FinTech

Number of investments: 10

Duration (in weeks): 12

One planetcrowd

Oneplanetcrowd is the largest sustainable funding platform in the Netherlands, bringing together forward-thinking investors and creative business owners to hasten the shift to a sustainable economy. Crowdfunding may be used to support entrepreneurs and energy projects that benefit society and the environment, and forward-thinking investors can directly invest in these cutting-edge businesses to reap both financial and social rewards. The platform has (re)financing options available from €200,000 to €10+ million, and it has a committed team of ambassadors that help with marketing and PR. Oneplanetcrowd has successfully sponsored over 250 businesses and energy projects totaling €70 million since its founding in 2012 with the help of 30,000 investors.

Started: 2012

Founders: Coenraad de Vries, Laura Rooseboom, Maarten de Jong

Industries: Social, Sustainability

Number of investments: 01

Clever Clover

By creating a supportive ecosystem that nourishes and catalyzes new company ideas toward development and success, Clever Clover, a unique start-up accelerator based in Amsterdam, promotes innovation in the “old economy.” Clever Clover is a cutting-edge business accelerator designed for early-stage start-ups, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. The company specializes in investing in forward-thinking start-ups that give novel viewpoints on established industry areas. 

Their distinctive strategy takes advantage of the conventional industries’ lengthier maturation cycles by combining investment, knowledge, and opportunity as the three main pillars of their value offering. Clever Clover’s endeavors all work to revolutionize their industry while bringing more ease to customers. The company has a well-established presence in Amsterdam and a portfolio of sponsored start-ups that spans all of Europe.

Started: 2012

Founders: Heinrich Prokop, Loes Voermans

Industries: Consumer Goods

Number of investments: 01


In terms of developing, testing, and growing business initiatives and innovation strategies, aimforthemoon is a pathfinder. They bring together strong organizations, entrepreneurs, and investors with the goal of leading moonshots that have an impact that changes the world in order to launch and grow revolutionary ventures. 

They have worked with more than 200 corporate partners and boast a network of over 500 business owners, specialists, creatives, and corporate heroes. Each collaboration is carefully chosen to pair business trailblazers with the specific abilities and frame of mind needed for success. In addition to working with notable businesses like Sony, Miele, Wolters Kluwer, SHV, Europcar, TomTom,, Ebay, De Volksbank, Independer, DAS, PostNL, Robeco, NN Group, KAS Bank, and Westland Kazen, they also have an exceptional track record.

They continue to promote innovation and change in the corporate world by providing a wide range of services, such as corporate-startup/venture creation, new business development, innovation labs, innovation accelerators, startup-as-a-service, design sprint facilitation, and lean startup workshops.

Started: 2012

Founders: Cas van Arendonk, Niek Karsmakers

Industries: Food, Agriculture, Retail, Autotech, FinTech, Environment Tech, Transportation, Logistics Tech, Travel, Hospitality Tech, Energy Tech


Innoleaps, established in 2013, became a trailblazing force in the corporate innovation environment by bridging the gap between the agility of startups and the scale of corporations. Innoleaps was founded by the team because they saw the need for a “corporate accelerator program” and built on their experience with Startupbootcamp, a worldwide startup accelerator. 

Innoleaps has built a solid reputation over the years, especially in the FMCG and CPG industries, helping well-known firms like Unilever, AB InBev, and JDE Coffee to navigate quickly shifting consumer trends. Innoleaps, which provides a full end-to-end business-building solution, enables corporations to create like startups and quickly launch new goods and services.

Started: 2013

Founders:Patrick de Zeeuw, Ruud Hendriks

Industries: Food, Beverages, Cosmetics

X-Europe for Investors – HealthTech

XEUROPE is an immersive 6-month remote program dedicated to fueling the growth of deeptech startups. Through a comprehensive range of services, including events, training sessions, matchmaking opportunities, acceleration support, and exposure services, XEUROPE empowers deeptech entrepreneurs to reach their full potential.

By providing access to invaluable resources and expertise, the program aims to foster innovation, collaboration, and market readiness for participating startups, all from the convenience of a remote environment.

Industries: HealthTech, Biotech, AgTech, AI, Smart Cities, Sustainability, Spacetech, FinTech

Duration (in weeks): 20


All prospective entrepreneurs are welcome to enroll at the innovative startup school DELITELABS. Participants in its intense learning programs obtain important information and abilities to launch their business journeys. The school provides helpful assistance and resources to encourage students in their endeavors since it is firmly committed to helping and mentoring individuals. 

DELITELABS offers a welcoming atmosphere for people from all walks of life to flourish and fulfill their entrepreneurial aspirations, whether it’s through polishing entrepreneurial skills, developing company ideas, or accessing a supporting network.

Started: 2015

Industries: EdTech, Technology

Duration (in weeks): 12

AWS Startup Loft Accelerator

Through their virtual, equity-free accelerator program, Startup Loft Accelerator, a game-changing platform, enables entrepreneurs to experience rapid growth. Without giving up equity, entrepreneurs may now access unheard-of resources and help, preserving full ownership and control over their businesses.

Startup Loft offers mentorship, useful tools, and a strong network to assist entrepreneurs in reaching new heights as part of its dedication to promoting success. Join this life-changing program, and with Startup Loft Accelerator’s continuous support and direction, set out on a road to realize your entrepreneurial dreams.

Started: 2021


Industries:Technology, Information and Internet

Duration (in weeks): 10


Startup Launch Class offers a dynamic 10-week accelerator program centered on startup-corporate collaboration. With a keen focus on fostering mutually beneficial partnerships, participating startups receive personalized support, including an ING coach and mentorship from Strategiemakers. This comprehensive program aims to equip startups with the tools and knowledge they need to thrive in the corporate landscape, unlocking new opportunities for growth and success.

Spirit of Enterprise

Spirit of Enterprise is a 12-week, part-time program that is both a venture impact fund and a catalyst for change. Their program brings together aspirational founding teams and offers critical assistance and direction to help them effectively launch their goods onto the market.

Because it is free, the initiative demonstrates their dedication to promoting innovation and empowering business owners. Spirit of Enterprise works to make a good effect and help bright entrepreneurs thrive in the cutthroat business environment by combining financial support and mentoring.


Collider, founded in 2013, is a startup accelerator with a distinct focus on Madtech and Ecommerce enterprises. Its aim, which it carries out in both the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, is to find firms in the top 10% that have the potential to develop quickly and generate outstanding returns to investors. 

Collider provides selected companies with a €100k investment in exchange for 5-8% equity through a triple collaboration among startups, partner corporations, and investors, empowering them with financial support and access to valuable resources to achieve their growth goals and success in the dynamic marketing, advertising, and Ecommerce sectors.

Started: 2013

Founders: Ellen Bark-Lindhout

Industries: B2B or B2B2C startups with a validated product in martech, commerce tech, and adtech


High Tech XL is a startup accelerator based in Amsterdam’s High Tech Campus that is now fully online and has a second office in Shanghai through its partner XNode. The accelerator, which was founded in 2015, has a great track record, with over 60% of the firms admitted into their program staying in operation today. 

Notably, High Tech XL turned its focus to deep tech in 2018, forming alliances with major organizations such as CERN, TNO, and Philips. 

Their 9-month program is unique in that it begins with the selection of idea-level businesses at their “Fasttrackathon,” where engineers, physicists, business experts, and entrepreneurs pitch their company concepts. The accelerator then provides an intense curriculum that assists businesses in developing their Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and teams from the bottom up.

Started: 2015


Duration (in weeks): 36


Antler is a major global startup accelerator with offices in London, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Oslo, and Stockholm, as well as other cities around Europe. Their main objective is to help creators develop successful Internet companies. This is accomplished through a comprehensive program that includes incubation and acceleration stages, allowing entrepreneurs to accelerate their development in as short as six months. 

As part of the initiative, Amsterdam-based founders can earn up to €100,000 in capital in return for 10% equity, as well as a monthly stipend of €2,500. Beyond financial assistance, the accelerator provides critical training and coaching to help creators develop their business ideas, hone their abilities, and manage the hurdles of entrepreneurship, making Antler a vital driving force in the global startup ecosystem.

Started: 2017

Founders:Magnus Grimeland 


Duration (in weeks): 12


WorldStartup, an international startup accelerator based in Amsterdam, has built a reputation for consistently growing impact-driven and sustainable enterprises. Since its inception in 2015, WorldStartup has developed its approach to assisting entrepreneurs by providing a variety of customised programs aimed to address a variety of business needs.

WorldStartup has evolved and now offers multiple tailored programs aimed at different companies and purposes:

  • Market Readiness Training: 3 weeks training course
  • Altitude (Startup Support Program): 3 years acceleration program where founders receive 1-1 support and training periodically

Started: 2015

Founders:Gerrit Jan vant Veen, Daniël Steginga, Egbert Ottevanger, Mathijs Koper, Mathijs Koper

Industries: Nature, Food, Health, Smart Cities

Duration (in weeks): 3

If you’re seeking for mentoring and cash to help your business develop and succeed, an accelerator program may be the ideal solution. By participating in such a program, you may gain invaluable information and experiences equivalent to years of schooling in only a few short months.

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