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Performance Marketing (aka PPC)

An important customer acquisition tactic to increase targeted and qualitative sign ups/traffic & acquire new users:

– Google AdWords and/or Facebook and sponsored banners on communities and websites related to the market

– Google Adwords: Split ads in many different advert sets (e.g. interests, age groups, devices, audiences etc)

– Run A/B testing in the same ads with different copies, images, etc

– Analyze the performance of the ads and keep the ones which perform better

– Geo-location targeting in specific “premium” places in different countries and analysis of interests

– Look-a-like Email List to target audiences that are similar to that of the email list. Throughout the campaign, Facebook will be checking profiles connect with those that closely resonate with customer’s audience.

PPC needs to come with a set of ongoing Optimization: It’s about Managing, testing, refining and ultimately, improving campaigns that exist within a pay per click marketing campaign. Without ongoing optimization of these components it is very easy to spend, and in many cases waste, a lot of money running pay per click ads. Ad platforms, like Google AdWords and Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads need continuous (daily or weekly optimization) to “correct” conversions, clicks, effectiveness and efficiency.


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